About Torx™

A complete Design-Make-Test-Analyze workflow in a single web platform

Seamless tracking of small molecules, from inception of an idea through to synthesis and registration

Torx Design

  • Gather all the information that you have into a single design centric environment
  • Present important data from predictive models
  • Visualize designs proposed by colleagues, whether internal to your company or your CROs, ahead of any review meeting
  • Capture thoughts through comments, tags or by simply 'liking' a design
  • Users can join a live shared session to discuss and design together

Torx Design showing 5 plugins

4 plugins (clockwise from left): My Designs (the molecules that I am personally working on); Editor (for sketching designs, ChemDraw in this case); Viewer (showing the pose of the design within the protein active site); Properties (a table of RDKit properties in this case)

Torx Make

  • Intuitive Kanban style approach that is deeply aware of chemical structures, designs, hypotheses and more
  •  Individual compounds are collated into Design tickets
  • Track design tickets through the DMTA process
  • Assign compounds to individuals or partner organizations, e.g., your CROs
  • Synthetic progress reproted in real time
  • Synthetic chemists know exactly which compounds have been assigned to them
  • Team leaders and managers can view progress across all their projects within the organization


Design • Make • Test • Analyze

Workflow enables you to follow compounds from idea, through synthesis to registration

Compound in 5 6 bicyclic core Design set is advanced from Torx Design to Torx Make

A compound in the '5,6 bicyclic core' Design set is advanced from Torx Design to Torx Make where it is progressed to 'In Synthesis'

Torx Test

Automate the scheduling of your dicocvery program's testing/assay workflows

Torx Analyze

Review results on-tap and progress your SAR by moving on to your next design iteration

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