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Improve team work and reduce your DMTA cycle time

However you refer to it, 'Design-Make-Test-Analyze' or 'Design-Synthesize-Test-Analyze', all small molecule chemistry teams go through a common process: design compounds, make or synthesize them, then test and analyse the results before the next iteration; it’s the mantra of chemistry teams all over the world.

Medicinal and synthetic chemists, and discovery program managers, on small molecule chemistry teams have to align many aspects of the molecule design process. Design, review, prioritization, resource allocation and scheduling are all separate parts of a complex process that can lead to productivity bottlenecks and slow the whole team down.

Torx removes these bottlenecks by reimagining the end-to-end process to find a more team-friendly, productivity-centric approach. It is a visual, chemistry aware platform that helps you design molecules faster, capture and share knowledge, and manage your resources with ease. This single web-based platform will inspire your discovery chemistry teams to work together and deliver faster.

Sketch ideas and get immediate feedback in an information rich environment

  • What are the properties?
  • What does it look like in 3D in context of the protein active site?
  • Have my colleagues looked at this already?
  • What do my colleagues think of my idea?
  • Is there any patent literature?

Simple plugin architecture

Using a simple plugin architecture, information can be delivered to molecule designers as they sketch creating an interactive environment that delivers high quality designs.

Collaborative team working, whichever site you’re based at

Team working, knowledge sharing and collaboration are central to Torx whether perfecting your next molecule design or sharing the work-load during synthesis.

Every Torx user has access to the information they need to make critical decisions, from predicted properties using standard or in-house models during new molecule design to the status of all the compoundss in synthesis.

Torx stores and collates your molecule design information enabling you to recall it at any moment, whether that be in a team review meeting to decide which molecules to progress or during synthesis to re-prioritize or park specific compounds.

Torx collaborative team working

User A (left) invites user B (right) into a collaborative session where they share the design they are working on. Both 2D sketch and 3D view are synced for the two users, while the other plugins maintain their userspecific layout.

Track compounds from start to finish for enhanced productivity and efficiency

Together, as a team, Torx will enable you to:

  • plan your to-do list for the week
  • easily choose which compounds to make, know who’s going to make them and why
  • manage outsourced projects and only share the designs you choose to with your CROs
  • decrease cycle times and enhance innovation
  • make more of the molecules that matter

Track compounds from start to finish

Torx unites your chemistry team in a single platform giving real-time visibility of both planned and current work.

Your DMTA cycle needs Torx

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